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Wang C. and Steinmetz N.F. (2020) A Combination of Cowpea mosaic virus and Immune Checkpoint Therapy Synergistically Improves Therapeutic Efficacy in Three Tumor Models. Advanced Functional Materials, accepted. PMID: pending, PMCID: pending.

Wang C.*, Fiering S., Steinmetz N.F. (2019) Cowpea Mosaic Virus Promotes Anti-Tumor Activity and Immune Memory in a Mouse Ovarian Tumor Model. Advanced Therapeutics. 1900003. PMID: pending, PMCID: pending (NIHMS 1066974).

Immuno-Oncology - Veterinary


Lee P.W., Shukla S., Wallat J.D., Danda C., Steinmetz N.F., Maia J., Pokorski J.K. (2017) Biodegradable Viral Nanoparticle/Polymer Implants Prepared via Melt-Processing. ACS Nano, 11,8777-8789.


Mosaic’s IO and VAX technology has been developed over the past ten years by the Principal Investigators and Co-Founders of Mosaic: Drs. Steinmetz, Pokorski, and Fiering. The technology development has been supported through numerous federal research grants, including NIH, NSF, and CDMRP as well as private foundations, such as the American Cancer Society, Susan G Komen, and American Heart Association totaling $21 Million.

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