Corporate Presentations

About Mosaic IE

Mosaic IE is an innovative bionanotechnology company focused on bridging immunology and engineering to treat and prevent cancer and infectious diseases.  Mosaic IE was founded on the belief that nanotechnology has the potential to contribute as a novel immunotherapy for cancer treatment.  The technology, which employs nanoparticles of the Cowpea mosaic virus (CPMV), is designed to stimulate the immune system, enhance the local anti-tumor activity, and attack distant sites of cancer spread. Mosaic IE's oncology lead candidate, MIE-101, is being developed as intratumoral immunotherapy for systemic and durable anti-tumor efficacy.  Mosaic IE's Modular Vaccine Platform (MVP) is based on combining nanotechnology with carefully selected targets of interest to direct a protective immune response.  This platform has been successfully evaluated for effectiveness in pre-clinical studies in oncology and, most recently, in SARS-CoV-2 through Mosaic IE's vaccine lead candidate MI-E-201.  Mosaic IE and their research partners are actively pursuing the advancement of nanotechnology as immunotherapy to meet unmet medical needs.