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Boone C.E., Wang L., Gautam A., Newton I.G., and Steinmetz N.F. (2021) Combining nanomedicine and immune checkpoint therapy for cancer immunotherapy Wiley Interdiscip. Rev. Nanomed. Nanobiotechnol​., 2021 Jul 22;e1739.

Mao C., Beiss V., Fields J., Steinmetz N.F., Fiering S. (2021) Cowpea mosaic virus stimulates antitumor immunity through recognition by multiple MYD88-dependent toll-like receptors. Biomaterials​, 2021 May 25;275:120914.

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Shukla S., Wang C., Beiss V., Cai H., Washington T., Murray A., Gong X., Zhao Z., Masarapu H., Zlotnik A., Fiering S., and Steinmetz N.F. (2020) The unique potency of Cowpea mosaic virus (CPMV) in situ cancer vaccine. Biomater. Sci., 2020, 8, 5489-5503.

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Stump C.T., Steinmetz N.F., Fiering S.N. (2021) Remission-Stage Ovarian Cancer Cell Vaccine with Cowpea Mosaic Virus Adjuvant Prevents Tumor Growth. Cancers (Basel). 2021 Feb; 13(4): 627.

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Mosaic’s IO and VAX technology has been developed over the past ten years by the Principal Investigators and Co-Founders of Mosaic: Drs. Steinmetz, Pokorski, and Fiering. The technology development has been supported through numerous federal research grants, including NIH, NSF, and CDMRP as well as private foundations, such as the American Cancer Society, Susan G Komen, and American Heart Association totaling $21 Million.